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Hacienda San Pablo Tupungato MendozaThe Estancia* San Pablo, belongings of the Scibilia-Campana family, has always been dedicated to cattle breeding. The ingeneer Walter Scibilia, his wife and his children have developed sinc ten years a turistic project linked to the country life. Therefore, they have opened their doors to receive guest from all the world, looking for enjoying and understanding the life and customs of an argentinian country family.

The visitors have available to 45'000 hectares of pure wild life and nature and will enjoy small horse-riding tour, as well as longer excursions leading you for some days between the valleys of the Andes Cordillera, plenty of rivers and quebradas; fishing the rainbow trouts in this habitat of fresh water, o just enjoy of simple shared moments, sitting around a campfire or around a table, wealthy of tipical food, traditional flavours and high altitude red wine.

 As rural hosting, the estancia* has three rooms with bathroom (suites), offering affectionately a personalized and exclusive service to our clients-friends. Like this, we respect an old dogma of the gaucho, saying that in the country, everyone is friend and welcome.

* hacienda, ranch